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Guide to weight loss



Guide to lose weight healthy






   This is your guide to losing weight and get slim healthy. Here you will learn how to lose weight step by step. Everything you need to know in one place. Here's how to lose weight the right way.






   Eating a healthy diet is the key to your successful weight loss. - D.Dimitrov




  At the beginning of the website are described nutrients individually - carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Added is information about water and salt, and how they affect our body. After that you will find more information about slimming, in addition to diet. Recommended are Dietary Patterns, some ideas how to lose weight with cold and about Physical Activity. You will then see a brief description of the diet and the theoretical justifications why it is efficient.

The diet itself is divided into three stages, each stage described what food is allowed and how to consume. Stage 1 begins with a description of Allowed proteins and vegetables.After that are described supplements. Then is placed diet useful info and information how to alternate rhythms. Next you will understand what to expect from stage 1 and its duration.

Once we have completed the first stage we start with the second. It begins with a list of acceptable foods. After that is described how to keep the weight and re-gain. Then you will see how to choose a suitable weight. Finally is described stage 2 duration .

Diet ends with its third stage, which is very important.