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Alternating Rhythms

Alternating Rhythms

The diet of alternating proteins, building on the momentum and

speed generated by the pure protein diet, is now responsible for guiding you to your chosen goal. This phase will occupy the largest part of the strictly weight loss period of the Diet.

The rhythmical addition of vegetables greatly reduces the pure proteins’ impact and gives this entire first phase in the diet a kind of syncopated pace, both for organizing your meals and for the results obtained. Thus there will be pauses interrupted by accelerations, a series of conquests followed by resting periods, all leading in alternate sequence, nevertheless, to your end goal.

I will sum it up briefly:

In the short term, the most effective rhythm is 4/4: 4 days of pure proteins followed by 4 days of proteins + vegetables. This is not the easiest rhythm: it does start off spectacularly, but it slows down and may become burdensome.

The other solution is the 1/1 rhythm: 1 day of pure proteins followed by 1 day of vegetables + proteins. This alternating rhythm takes longer to get going, but in 20 days it will have caught up, and over the long term it is easier to follow and generates less frustration.

There is a third way, which is suitable if you only have a little weight to lose, the 2/5 rhythm: 2 days of pure proteins on Mondays and Thursdays and 5 days of proteins + vegetables during the rest of the week.

This is the diet that best suits some women with cellulite, who are slim on top but heavy around the hips and the thighs especially.