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Slimming diet Stage - 2

Slimming diet Stage - 2

  How long this transition diet lasts is calculated according to how much weight you have lost, based on 5 days for every pound shed. If you have just lost 40 pounds, you must follow the transition diet for 40 × 5 days—that is, 200 days (6 months and 20 days); if you have lost 20 pounds, you will follow it for 100 days. You can easily calculate the exact follow it for 100 days. You can easily calculate the exact amount of time you need before reaching third stage.

The whole time you are consolidating your weight, you will follow the second stage diet as closely as possible. You are allowed the following foods:

The protein and vegetables foods from the first stage

1 serving of fresh fruit per day, except bananas, grapes,

and cherries

2 slices of 100 percent whole grain bread per day

1,5 ounces (40 grams) of cheese per day

2 servings of starchy foods per week

Lamb, roast pork, and ham (lean cuts), once or twice a week

Then to crown it all:

2 celebration meals per week (you are free to choose any foods, but no bingeing)

But also, absolutely and without question:

1 day of pure proteins per week, on the same day every week and without fail