Your guide to lose weight

Diet usefull info

Diet usefull info

  Eat As Often As You Like

Do not forget that the secret of this diet is to eat a lot and to eat before hunger strikes so that you avoid succumbing to a tempting food not on the list.

Never Skip Meals

Skipping meals is a bad mistake that often stems from good intentions but that can, little by little, destabilize your diet. Whatever you save by not eating one meal you not only make up for by eating more at the next, but your body reverses this initial economy by increasing the "profit” it gets out of the next meal by extracting every last calorie. Furthermore, if you suppress and fuel your hunger, you will be driven toward more comforting foods, forcing you to rely increasingly on your willpower to resist, and eventually the strain will undermine even your best intentions.

Drink Whenever You Eat

Drinking at mealtimes also increases gastric volume and makes you feel full and satisfied. Finally, water dilutes food and slows down its absorption so that you feel satiated for longer.

Do Not Run Out of the Foods You Need for Your Diet

Always have on hand a wide choice of the eight food categories that are going to become your best friends. Take them with you whenever you go out.

Before You Eat Something, Check Whether It Is on the List

Just to be extra sure, keep this list with you during the first week. It is simple and can be summed up in a few words: lean meats, organ meats, poultry, lean ham, all fish and seafood, eggs, nonfat dairy products, and water.


Breakfast is an important meal in our pure protein diet. Coffee or tea, sweetened with aspartame or Splenda if you like, with or without nonfat milk, and enjoyed with a nonfat yogurt, boiled egg, a slice of turkey, or light ham is much better nutritionally than a pastry or chocolate-flavored cereal, and it is also more satisfying and stimulating. Breakfast is the perfect time to cook your oat bran galette

Take care! During this first stage, you must not exceed the daily dose of 2 tablespoons of oat bran so as not to disrupt the specific action of the proteins.

Eating in Restaurants

With a little imagination, the diet is easy to follow. Fish, seafood, poultry, and meat generally come in many different guises. You should be able to find some that have been prepared without any fat. You may have to ask to have your dish served without the sauce. The difficulty comes afterward, when dessert fans are tempted to eat something sweet. The best strategy is to have a coffee, or you may find that some restaurants now serve low-fat and nonfat dairy products. Otherwise you can always have a nonfat yogurt or fruit yogurt in your car or at the office so that you can end your meal on a satisfying note.